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At Centro Harmonía we have always committed to integrating the most natural side of medicine into the latest scientific developments in the health sector, with maximum respect for the biological processes of the human body.

This is all aimed at diagnosing and proposing medical treatments to improve our homeostasis or ability to self-regulate our body.

We are a pilot centre for BEMER technology used with Physical Vascular Therapy to improve microcirculation, that is to say, the circulation of the smallest blood vessels. It has a positive effect on many aspects of health, immune resistance and general well-being.

BEMER has continuously developed vascular physical therapy with revolutionary knowledge relating to the biorhythms of local and global regulatory processes. Effective microcirculation stimulation helps the human body’s most important regulation mechanisms in terms of prevention and healing, recovery and regeneration processes, and it is applied in a complementary way alongside several treatments and indications. It is considered to be the best Biophysical treatment method in complementary and preventive medicine.

We also have radiofrequency technology (Diathermy) that rebalances cell functioning and regeneration. Using this equipment, we manage to nourish and rejuvenate tissue, therefore these treatments are applied for Sports Medicine, Beauty work, and Pain Therapy.

We use LPG technology to carry out lymphatic draining, body firming and moulding and treatments for general and localized cellulitis.

Colon Hydrotherapy plays a crucial role among the therapeutic options for detoxing and improving intestinal functioning. Centro Harmonía has been using this therapy for more than 20 years, and is a pioneering centre in Spain when it comes to applying it.

With regard to diagnosis, we have advanced spectrophotometric equipment used to detect contamination of heavy metals, a deficit of trace elements that are crucial for our health, study oxidative stress, the state of our immune system, intestinal assimilation, etc.

With chronic illnesses, such as cancer, rheumatic, allergic and autoimmune processes, the immune system has been shown to be malfunctioning. In order to diagnose and personalise the treatment of these pathologies, we offer highly specific biological analyses at our centre.