Spectrophotometry is a new diagnosis tool; it is quick and effective and is used to study the risk of intoxication by heavy metals and to assess the functioning of the enzymes that protect us from oxidative stress.

In addition to providing guidance on the state of enzymes, it offers information about intestinal assimilation, metabolism, the immune system, cognitive function, hormones, tissue repair, emotional balance, predisposition towards allergies and type 2 diabetes, the performance of the nervous system and pH level.

The OligoScan has a Spectrophotometer that allows us to carry out a test directly at our centre in order to make an evaluation of minerals/oligo-elements and observe the development of heavy metals in our patients in real time.

The OligoScan is designed to provide a precise assessment of the bio-availability of minerals, oligo-elements and heavy metals in living tissue. The measurement is carried out on the skin of the surface of the palm of the hand.