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Felip Ramis

Dr. Felip Ramis (Integrative Medicine)

He gained his degree in Medicine and Surgery in 1981 from the Autonomous University of Barcelona. He began studies in Acupuncture at Barcelona’s Sacred Heart Hospital in 1982, and in 1984 he concluded Higher Acupuncture Studies with Professor Sabatier from the Faculty of Medicine in Toulouse. Between 1983 and 1991 he undertook continuous training in fields such as the Application of Laser Therapy, Rheumatology, Homeopathy, Neuro-occlusal rehabilitation, Homotoxicology. In 1994 he studied for a Masters in Homeopathy in Karlsruhe, Germany. Between 1997 and 1999 he took studies in several studies among which we could highlight the course “Viscum, cancer treatment” taken at the Kepler Institute in Lyon, France. In 2000 he took further training with the “Introduction to Anthroposophic Medicine and cancer treatment”. In 2002 he took the course,
“Expert in Psychosomatic Medicine and Health Psychology”, at the Miguel Servet Foundation for Health Sciences and at the Spanish Society of Psychosomatic Medicine and Medical Psychology. Up until 2005 he took ongoing training in subjects such as Phytotherapy, Personality Disorders and Oncology, among others. In 2006 he concluded his studies in Anthroposophic Medicine and obtained the international “Anthroposophische Medizin” certificate. Up until 2010 he participated in several courses and seminars such as Orthomolecular Medicine, Anti-aging therapies, “The Therapeutic Use of Sea Water, René Quinton 110 years
of Sea Therapies”.

In terms of his professional trajectory, Felip Ramis has been a doctor at the Centro Harmonía since 1982 until present, he is a founding member of the “Laser Clinic Research Group” (1983 Cambrils), doctor at the Vilafortuny Medical Institute in
Cambrils (1984-85 Tarragona), assistant doctor at the Centre for Cybernetic and Biomedical Studies and Applications in Nyon (1986 Switzerland), doctor at the Queen Sofía Residence and La Bonanova Residence (2003 Palma, Majorca), teacher of Bioenergetics in traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture at AFEDECO (2009 Palma, Mallorca). He has also featured as a speaker at a multitude of courses, symposiums and conferences.

Felip Ramis

Dr Pedro Martorell (Coloproctology, specialist in disorders and treatments of the colon and rectum)

He gained his Medicine and Surgery degree in 1981 from the Autonomous University of Barcelona, was a houseman at St Charles Hospital, Montpelier between 1982 and 1986, assistant at Vall d’Hebron University Hospital in Barcelona, in the General and Digestive Surgery Service from 1986 until present, a proctologist at the Rotger Clinic in Palma, Mallorca from 1992 until 1995. Since 1995, he has been working at Centro Harmonía as a coloproctologist, and is one of the most renowned and pioneering specialists at performing colon hydrotherapy.

Felip Ramis

Sabina Mosberger (Heilpraktiker, Phytotherapy, Bach Flower Remedies, Lymphatic Drainage, Foot Reflexology, Iridology, Facial and Body Aesthetics, Detoxification, Spectrophotometry)

Primary, secondary and baccalaureate in Switzerland (Witterwill, Realschule Reinach, Fachabitur), Higher Education in Natural Medicine in Germany, Freiburg im Breisgau, Heilpraktiker (1989), Specialities and courses in Iridology and Reflexology in Barcelona with José Luis Berdonces (1990), specialisation in Phytotherapy, Diploma in Bach Flower Remedies at the Bach Institute in Madrid (1991), Specialist in Detoxification, the elimination of heavy metals and alkaline-based diets (2010), different training courses on orthomolecular medicine, training in the use of several therapeutic technologies. She has worked at the Centro Harmonía since 1995.

Felip Ramis

Jordi De Otero Blasco (Internal Medicine, Infectology, Medical Expert)

Obtained Medicine and Surgery Degree from the University of Barcelona (1983-1989). Doctorate “CUM LAUDE” from the Autonomous University of Barcelona (1996). Specialised in INTERNAL MEDICINCE at the Vall d’Hebron Health City, through a medical internal resident competition. (1991-1995) Intensive Course on Antibiotic Therapy (Barcelona 1992). Advances in Pneumology Course V (Barcelona, 1992). Advances in Pneumology Course VI (Barcelona, 1992). 1st Advanced Seminars in Infectious Diseases (London,1993). Analysis of Clinical Data: Logistic Regress and Survival Curves (Barcelona, 1995). Basic Statistical Techniques. Institute of Biomedical Training (2005) Medical English Training Course. Riversdown, England. (2004). Masters in the Evaluation of Bodily Harm and Medical Expertise (2005).

Professional Experience: Resident doctor in Internal Medicine at the General Vall d’Hebron Hospital (1993-1995). Member of the Infectious Illnesses Division at Vall d’Hebron Hospital (1999-1995), Internal Medicine Doctor at Sant Jaume de Calella Hospital (1995-1996) and Barcelona Hospital (1995-1996). Emergency internal medicine doctor at General Vall d’Hebron Hospital (1996-1997). Research scholar at the Autonomous University of Barcelona (Research foundation) at Vall d’Hebron Hospitals (Infectious Illnesses Division 1996). Research extension grant from the Health Research Fund of the Carlos III Institute in 1995, assigned to a health research fund project. Participation in the liver transplant program at the General
Vall d’Hebron Hospital as an infections consultant (1994-1996). Deputy Director of Internal Medicine Services at the Red Cross Hospital in Barcelona (1997-2003), specialising in infectology. Infectious illnesses consultant at the at the ICU of the Our Lady of Lourdes Clinic (2001-2002). Deputy Director of Internal Medicine Services at the Manacor Hospital Foundation (2004-2007). Infections Consultant. Member of the Committee for Infections (vice-president and president) and Teaching (vice-president) until 2011. Head of Internal Medicine at the Manacor Hospital Foundation (2007-2011). He is currently deputy director of the Internal Medicine Service at Juaneda Clinic, and has been since 2012. He is also a Member of the Infections Committee, the Pharmacy Committee, the Teaching Committee and the Tumours Committee. Head of the Centre for adult vaccination and international traveller assistance, Infectious Illnesses Consultant, Internal Doctor at Hospital de Muro (since 2009) and the Laserclinic Centre (since 2012). He teaches on a large number of courses, seminars, postgraduate courses, and ongoing training programs. He has collaborated as a Doctoral-level expert at the University of the Balearic Islands’ Doctoral School. He is a student tutor at the I.M. Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University. He has spoken at several national and international conferences and has contributed a long list of scientific works in journals and books that have been published nationally and internationally. He has also been invited to participate in several expert committees, advisory committees and scientific committees. Since 2015, he has been in charge of Internal Medicine consultations at Centro Harmonía.

ana-casanoba - Osteopatia ' Centro hramonia

Ana Casanovas -Osteópata

En 2001 me gradué como Fisioterapeuta en Barcelona y al poco empecé con los estudios de Osteopatía en la Escuela de Osteopatía de Barcelona. Esta escuela es colaboradora con la European School of Osteopathy de Inglaterra donde me gradué en 2006.
Siempre apasionada por el trabajo con osteopatía me he seguido formando sin parar en mi campo y he sido profesora en el master de osteopatía de la Universidad Pompeu Fabra y asistente de numerosos cursos de postgrado desde entonces.
Mis campos de especialización son el trabajo cráneo-sacral biodinámico, la pediatría, el trabajo visceral, el trabajo con el paciente con dolor crónico, el trabajo con las fascias y la relación cuerpo mente a través del trabajo de trauma y el mindfulness.
En 2013 obtuve el maestrazgo como profesora de yoga y, aunque no doy ni clases particulares ni grupales, sí que utilizo el conocimiento del Yoga para trabajar con el cuerpo de mis pacientes, a través de la consciencia corporal, la meditación y el movimiento atento.
En 2019 realicé un master en anatomía por la Universidad de Medicina de Bellvitge, para poder mejorar mis conocimientos sobre fascia y tejido conectivo en su aplicación clínica.
Llevo desde 2001 trabajando en consultas privadas con pacientes en Barcelona, Bélgica y Formentera. Actualmente resido en Mallorca y estoy haciéndome una casa en Lloseta donde espero poderme establecer un largo tiempo mientras colaboro con el genial equipo del Centro Harmonía.