Good health largely depends on the state of our immune system. This idea is the basis for Micro-Immunotherapy, a complementary treatment that is aimed at regulating the functions of the immune system when there has been a change in
how it functions.

In order to do this, it uses the same language. What does this mean? Within our body there are certain substances named cytokines that the cells in our immune system use as “messengers” to speak between one another and therefore coordinate the optimum response to different attacks, both external and internal.

Micro-Immunotherapy uses the same substances produced using biotechnology and prepared in a homeopathic dilution, in order to communicate with the immune system and give it the necessary boost so that it can begin functioning again harmoniously. Micro-Immunotherapy does not substitute or block the functions of the immune system; it simply sends information in the natural order of the immune system’s response (sequences).