Homeopathy is featured in the Hippocratic Corpus as the medicine of similarities, what poisons you, cures you in low doses. The Arndt-Schultz principle demonstrates how a substance can have opposite effects depending on the dose used.

Samuel Hahnemann discovered homeopathic medicine by studying, diluting, and dynamising plants, insects such as bees, and crushed mineral, that he used as medicines that activate homeostasis or the self-regulating capacity of our body. He discovered that by working with small doses of natural medicines it is possible to balance the imbalances caused by most illnesses without the side effects caused by the long treatments of conventional medicine.

Homeopathy is suitable for anyone and can be used to treat most pathologies due to the fact that its prescriptions respect the human physiology, take into account the psycho-emotional symptoms of every patient and do not have contraindications or secondary effects.